Hydra is famed for its Miaoulia festival, held in late June to commemorate  Admiral Andreas Miaoulis, an important Hydriot naval commander in the Greek War of Independence (1821–1827), and his leadership in the Battle of Elder, in which about 75 Greek merchant ships, converted into warships with 800 cannon, destroyed the huge Turkish-Egyptian fleet of Ibrahim Pasha Chosref, which comprised more than 130 warships with in the neighborhood of 2,500 guns and 4,000 men.

The weeklong festival consists of a series of celebratory events, including boat races, folk dancing, athletic, artistic, and other cultural exhibitions, concerts, and the like. Miaoulia closes with its highlight: “the Happening,” a reenactment of the sinking by Miaoulis’s men of the Turkish flagship, featuring the siege and burning of an actual boat in the harbor and culminating in a spectacular fireworks display.

Fireworks photos by NanosFireworks.gr.