Taxiárkis Traditional Caique

Taxiárkis (“Commander”), a traditional wooden caique with a capacity of 18, is ideal for private excursions to Hydra’s beaches and swimming spots and for transporting bridal parties to wedding spots.

Beach Boat Service

Captain Spiros Mavros pilots the “Commander” back and forth from Hydra’s beaches on a daily basis. Moored alongside the other high-speed beach boats in front of the clock tower in Hydra Harbor, the “Commander” is a slower, traditional boat, offering passengers a more leisurely ride during which to admire Hydra’s coastline.

The “Commander” is also available to hire for private excursions, such as picnics to more isolated swimming spots.

Wedding Boat Service

Couples who choose to get married on Hydra often hire a traditional caique to carry the bridal party to the wedding ceremony. The “Commander” is available to take up to eight people to any destination on the island, though the following are the most typical:

  • Kamini Harbor: €200
  • Vlichos Quay: €230
  • Plakes Vlichos Quay (Four Seasons): €250
  • Agios Nikolaos Island (off Kamini):  €250

You are welcome to decorate the boat with ribbons, flowers, or other items 30 minutes prior to departure for the wedding ceremony.


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