Town Horse Rides

If you’d like a quick tour of Hydra, you can catch a lift in Hydra Harbor, right in front of the Alpha Bank. While generally referred to as “donkeys,” most of the equines providing rides around town are actually mules or horses. These animals are well used to people, even crowds of them, and are perfectly safe. No need to worry about them kicking or even biting, let alone bucking!

A quick ride around town leads from the harbor and takes you through some of the back streets, giving you the flavor of Hydra Town, before heading back to the harbor and eventually to your starting point. The basic ride costs €10 and lasts about 20 minutes, give or take, but if you’d like to see more or have a specific destination in mind, talk to the muleteer to arrange both destination and price. Most speak enough English to understand what you wish to do and negotiate a price.

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