DESTE Foundation Slaughterhouse Projects

The DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art, a non-profit institution based in Athens, was established in Geneva in 1983 by collector Dakis Joannou, together with curators Adelina von Fürstenberg and Efi Strousa.

Ever since, DESTE has been organizing exhibitions and has been supporting projects and publications internationally.

In addition to DESTE’s regular exhibition program, the Foundation is also initiating a number of events outside its premises. One project of this nature has emerged in collaboration with the Munipalicity of the Island of Hydra, which has granted DESTE the island’s old slaughterhouse.

The DESTE Foundation Project Space in Hydra was established in 2009 in the island’s former slaughterhouse, a strange and evocative place, freighted with an eerie history. Although the space was recently restored and renovated, it retains many of its former features. Its past is still visible and its original identity largely preserved. Every summer since 2009 a different artist has been commissioned to present an exhibition that has been designed specifically for that particular space and the island itself.

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