Christina Stamatakou: Property Management

Preparing and managing your Hydra Island property from afar can be stressful and time-consuming. If you would like peace of mind while off-island and do not want to spend your holidays working on getting your house and garden into shape, or if you would like to rent your property during the periods when you are not on Hydra, then you might consider hiring a property manager and seasonal rentals manager.

About Christina

Hydra native Christina Stamatakou, proprietor of the boutique Speak Out in Hydra Harbor, has previously worked in tourist offices and speaks English. She lives permanently on Hydra Island and is able to deal with maintenance, upkeep, and bookings year-round. She will be assisted by her husband, Argyris, who operates the Argyris’ Hydra Horses transport and trekking business. As a team they can work flexibly with arrivals/departures and deliveries.

Standard Services

  • Keyholding
  • Spring airing
  • Garden watering
  • Arranging cleaning & laundry before and after arrival
  • Checking all electrical appliances before your or your guests’ arrival
  • Meeting and greeting of guests
  • Arranging luggage transport
  • Inspecting the property periodically or on request and reporting any damage (broken windows, wood rot, etc.)
  • Coordinating workers (plumbers, electricians, etc.) when repairs are needed

Extra Services

  • Arranging activities for guests
  • Arranging a chef, baby sitter, personal trainer, etc.
  • Purchasing goods and delivering them to the property
  • Setting up outside furniture in spring and taking it inside in fall
  • Gardening
  • Any other service according to your needs


Because every house and every client is different, Christina doesn’t have a flat fee package.  She can tailor her offerings to your specific needs.


 Please contact Christina directly using the following form to make contact and discuss the services you are looking for and how she can help. 


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