Chapel of Agios Mamas

Agios Mamas is located high in the mountains along the (internal) road to Episkopi. The venerable, small, whitewashed chapel overlooks a secluded location and the blue Myrtoou Sea. It is said that the founder of the church was Θ. Ρήγας. A storm threatened to come to Hydra but he made a vow to Saint Mamas that if Hydra was saved he would build a church, which he did.

One of the old ‘owners’ of the church was Kallitso and after him his heirs. In recent years the family of Elijah Mastrogianni curates St. Mamas. Agios Mamas is in operation on September 2; at the end of the liturgy, the priest blesses the beasts of burden that believers bring to the church.


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