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Statues & Monuments

Statue of Andreas Miaoulis

Boy on a Dolphin Statue

Tomb of Pavlos Kondouriotis

Statue of Antonios Kriezi



Tsamados mansionLocated on Hydra Port’s east side, by the museum, up from where hydrofoil passengers debark, this manor was built between 1780 and 1810 by Admiral Anastasios Tsamados, a hero of the Greek War of Independence who died in 1821. The mansion now houses Hydra’s Merchant Marine School or Naval Academy, the oldest school of its kind in Greece, which began operation in 1749 and moved to the Tsamados Mansion in 1930.

Georgios Kountouriotis mansionBuilt between 1802 and 1816, this mansion was originally the home of George Kountouriotis, a wealthy shipowner who fought in the War of Independence. Grandson Pavlos Kountouriotis later became first president of the Greek Republic. The manor complex consists of three buildings and a garden and is operated by the Greek Ministry of Culture as the Kountouriotis Family Museum and the Post-Byzantine Art and History Museum of Hydra.

Lazaros Kountouriotis mansionBuilt in 1780 the Lazaros Koundouriotis mansion provides a superb example of the eighteenth-century Hydriot mansions facing the harbor, whose architecture often reflects influences from abroad. 

Gorogiannis ManorBuilt in 1780 this mansion, located at the top of Kala Pigadia, is one of the oldest mansions on Hydra. Currently owned privately, it is not open to the public. It can be viewed from the outside, however, and the walk up Miaoulis Street from the center of the harbor is picturesque and leads through one of Hydra’s residential areas.

Boulgari MansionBuilt by Georgios Voulgaris Hydra’s governor from 1802 to 1812, on the western side of Hydra Harbor,  this mansion is known for its beautiful and interesting decor. Georgios Voulgaris was in charge of building the wells at Kala Pigadia. The mansion is unfortunately not open to the public.

Tombazis mansionThis four-story building is on the west side of Hydra Harbor, heading toward the canons, near the statue of Kountouriotis. Its original owner, Iakovos Tombazis, was the first admiral of the fleet of Hydra. Decorated inside with paintings depicting the historical events and ships of 1821, the manor now houses the School of Fine Arts of Athens and serves as a hostel for its students. Visitors can occasionally look inside.

Kriezis Manor

Botsi manor

Oikonomou manor

Bountouris manor

Notable Buildings

Old powder-magazine, today housing the Melina Mercouri Exhibition Hall, the Port Authority, and Hydra’s Volunteer Fire Department

Rafalias pharmacy of the island, dated in the 19th century and still working.


Hydra Museum and Historic Archives of Hydra

Ecclesiastic and Byzantine Museum

Kountouriotis Museum

Panagiotis Tetsis Residence and Atelier

Melina Mercouri Exhibition Hall

Hydra Workshop

Deste Slaughterhouse

Churches & Monasteries

Hydra Cathedral, Holy Monastery of Koimissi, dedicated to the Assumption of Virgin Mary,

Ipapante, church

Agios Constantinos the Hydraean, chuch, the local saint.

Church of Saint John the Baptist, Kiafa

Aghos Ioannis Nisteftis (St. John the Abstinent)

Profitis Ilias, monastery, which, during the internal strife in the period of the Revolution of 1821 had also served as a prison for the general Theodoros Kolokotronis.

Agia Eupraxia, convent, with an impressive view of the town and the port of Hydra and the coast of Peloponnesus across.

Agios Nikolaus, monastery

Agia Matrona, convent

Agia Fotini

Agios Mamas

Saints Constantine and Helen, church

Agios Nikolaus, chapel

Agios Ioannis, chapel

Agios Athenasios, Kiafa

Agios Ioannikas, chapel, Cape Zourvas

Church of the Nativity of Christ (Ikonomou)

Points of Interest

Castle of Kavos and eastern canons

“Periptero” (kiosk) and western canons, which in fact is the western emplacement of the old fortification of the port

Old semi-ruined windmills, a witness of a glorious and prosperous past.

Kala Pigadia wells

Ghikas mansion ruins

Zourvas Lighthouse

Vlychos Bridge

Sophia Loren Mill

Seraglio of Giorgos Boulgaris

Neighborhoods & Villages

Old quarter of Kiafa

Kala Pigadia