Hydra in books


The Sea Change

Elizabeth Jane Howard (1959)

Clean Straw for Nothing

George Johnston (1969)

Rien ne va plus (The Sleepwalker)

Margarita Karapanou (1994)

Clouds over Hydra (Greek)

Charles Young (1996)

Fugitive Pieces

Anne Michaels (1996)

The Riders

Tim Winton (1996)


Jeannette Winterson (2004)

The Broken Book

Susan Johnson (2005)

The First Day

Marc Levy (2009)

The Hydra Chronicle

Charles Young (2011)

Roulis, the Dwarf Donkey from Hydra

Akis & Panos Koronakis (2016)

Beautiful Animals

Lawrence Osborne (2017)

Fragments of a Dream

Ruth Larrea (2018)

The Water and the Wine

Tamar Hodes (2018)

A Theatre for Dreamers

Polly Samson (2020)

Biography & Memoir

The Colossus of Maroussi

Henry Miller (1941)

Peel Me a Lotus

Charmian Clift (1959)

A Rope of Vines

Brenda Chamberlain (1965)

Travels with Epicurus

Daniel Klein (2012)

Poetry, Plays & Short Stories

The Poetry of Mr. Blue

Henry Denander (2007)

The Loulaki Bar

Henry Denander (2009)

Broken Borders

John L. Holgerson (2012)

The Ring of Moss

Anthony Kingsmill-Lunn, et al. (2012)

The Moment I Am Gone

Christos Daskalakis (2013)

Hydra: A Play

Sue Smith (2019)



Aristodimos N. Sofianos (1965)

Hydra: A Greek Island Town: Its Growth and Form

Constantine L. Michaelides (1967)


Catherine Vanderpool (1980)

Hydra: Footpaths of Faith

Costas Vergas (2005)

Hydra, 1920-1970

Dina Adamopoulou, Angelos Kotronis, Phoebe Paraskevi, Panagiotis Tetsis (2007)

The Monastery and Ecclesiastical Museum of Hydra (Greek)

Ierotheos, Metropolitan of Hydra, Spetses, and Aegina; Angelos Kotronis, Panagiotis Tetsis, et al. (2009)

Living in Greece

Barbara & René Stoeltie and Angelika Taschen (2011)

Gypset Living

Julia Chaplin (2014)


Johnnie Shand Kydd (2015)

Hydra vues privées (Private Views)

Catherine Panchout (2015)

Island of Cats—Hydra

Gabriela Staebler (2015)