hydra's flag

The Revolutionary Flag of Hydra expresses the unshakable faith and will of the enslaved Greeks to throw off the Ottoman yoke.

The main symbol of the flag, and of most revolutionary flags dating to this period, is the cross, a symbol of faith and Orthodoxy.

The ancient Spartan motto “H TAN H EPI TAS” translates roughly to “Come back with your shield, or on it.”

The flag with the helmet of Themistocles to the right reminds us of the triumphant victories of ancient ancestors, while anchor on the left symbolizes hope for the victory of Hydra’s naval fleet.

The snake coiled around the anchor symbolizes the power of the Greek nation, while the dove coming out of the mouth of the snake represents the freedom of the Nation.

The eye of divine Providence at the top left represents hope for the victory of the Greeks and a fair end to the struggle.

The blue background of the flag symbolizes the sea, which is connected with the life of Hydra, while the red frame leads the viewer to think of revolution.