boat stoppages (due to weather or strike)

Throughout the year, travelers to the island periodically experience the frustrating inconvenience of boat stoppages between Hydra and Piraeus, either due to a seamen’s strike or bad weather. For those with a plane to catch, this can prove an expensive source of anxiety.

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If you have already booked a ticket on the flying dolphin or cat, have no fear. Before the time of departure simply take your printed ticket (or if it hasn’t been printed, your reservation number) to Hellenic Seaways’ office on Hydra (+30 22980 54007) or kiosk at Piraeus to cancel it either for a refund or to make it an open ticket for use on the next available boat. If you booked online on one of Hellenic Seaways’ official sites and have no printed ticket, call Hellenic Seaways (+30 210 8919800, daily 08:00 – 22:00) or visit its Web Check-in portal with your reservation number in hand to cancel your ticket and learn how to get a refund. If you booked through a third-party agent, you can cancel your ticket with Hellenic Seaways directly but will need to contact that agent for information about how to receive a refund.

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When your travel plans are disrupted by weather, strikes, or another event that stops the boats, your airline carrier will often change even “unchangeable” tickets if the carrier has directly issued the ticket. If you have used a travel agent or internet booking site, you will likely have to go through that agency. Be sure to call your carrier, and if applicable your travel agency, in advance of travel to discuss requirements and options and at the very least to get your situation on record. Failure to do so will result in your being classified as a “no-show” and forfeiture of the ticket. If your carrier or travel agent requires proof of boat cancellation due to weather or strike, you can take your itinerary and booking info to the Port Authority for an affidavit.

If you absolutely have to get to the airport on time, strikes and all but the worst weather don’t typically affect the smaller shuttles between Hydra and Metoxi or Ermioni or the privately owned and operated seataxis, which operate at their own discretion unless the Port Authority officially closes the harbor. All of the alternative options listed under Getting to Hydra work in the reverse for getting off Hydra.

If you can get to Ermioni, either by shuttle (€7.50 per person) or private sea taxi (€130 for 8 people) directly to Ermioni or by shuttle to Metoxi (€6.50 per person ) and taxi to Ermioni (€30), you may be able to rent a car and drive to the airport. For specifics, contact Gianna at Pop’s Car (+30 27540 31881/31514; +30 694 808 4889; info@funinthesun.grFun in the Sun).

A taxi to Athens Airport will cost between €200 and €250 for four people during daylight driving hours. Alternately, you can get a taxi to Piraeus at a greatly reduced price (€120 to €150) and then take the X96 bus or the metro on to the airport.

Ermioni Taxi Rank: +30 27540 31060
Lazaros Mitsou (driver): +30 694 437 1096/697 434 7547
Giorgos Knoupiotis (driver): +30 697 211 1221

Alternately you can hire a private sea taxi to take you all the way to Varkeza (Athens) for a flat rate of €500. Hydra Taxi Rank: 22980 53690 Akliros Christos: 6977248369 Aklirou Theodora: 6944907396 Anargirou Panagis: 22980-52698 Gardalinos Antonis: 22980-52114 Georakopoulos Kostas: 6944738100 Georgakopoulos Ilias: 22980-54005 Gionis Vaggelis: 6932421114 Kalafatis George: 6944366118 Loudaros Manos: 6978925840 Maniatis Stamatis: 6977676189 Rousis Kontantinos: 6946929710 Zogos Christos: 6947905855 Zogos George: 6944242141 Zogos Lefteris: 6948118213