animal welfare (hydraark)

For many years, animal lovers and dedicated volunteers have worked tirelessly to improve the well-being of the animals of Hydra, striving to create a healthier, more balanced population among the island’s much loved cat community with regular TNR (trap, neuter, release) sessions and bringing equine vets to provide health care, hoof trimming, and dentistry to Hydra’s donkeys, mules, and horses.

Photo courtesy of Gabriela Staebler.

Over the years, with the great help of GAWF (Greek Animal Welfare Fund), the Marchig Trust, Nine Lives in Poros, and dedicated vets from Sweden and Italy, HydraArk has organized several spay/neuter programs every year. Each visit, spanning three days, includes vaccinating and treatment for infections and parasites and results in the spaying/neutering of between 60 and 90 cats.

These efforts are made possible by the generous donations of Hydra’s residents and visitors, and through the participation of local volunteers to run the clinic and catch the cats. Volunteers also work tirelessly year-round to feed colonies, rescue kittens and cats, and make certain they receive necessary help and medical intervention.

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