Hydra’s Neighborhoods


Located about 5 minutes by foot outside Hydra Town heading west along the cost road, the Avlaki neighborhood consists of a beautiful, small bay and a small group of houses rising steeply from the street

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The traditional and picturesque fishing village of Kaminia (Kilns) is located to west of Hydra Harbor along the coast road.

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Mandraki Bay is about 2 kilometers east of Hydra Harbor. In the past, Mandraki served as Hydra’s primary naval port. The town’s taverna, Mandraki 1800, is a really lovely spot overlooking the water, serving traditional

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The first Albanian families to settle on Hydra in the 1600s built their homes away from the main port, living on the higher slopes above the harbor in an area more easily defended against roving bands of pirates. The

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Kala Pigadia

The neighborhood of Kala Pigadia (Good Wells) takes its name from the freshwater wells at its back. These are only functioning public wells left on Hydra. (You’ll see numerous capped, dry wells around the various

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Hydra Harbor, Town, and Villages (Videos)

Hydra Port Uploaded to YouTube by Peter Kaldenbach Uploaded to YouTube by Vic Stefanu Uploaded to YouTube by RonnieTravels Hydra Town Uploaded to YouTube by Vic Stefanu Uploaded to YouTube by simonsayscut Uploaded to YouTube by olesw Kamini Uploaded to

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Vlichos Beach, Hydra Greece


Heading west from Kamini the coastal road turns to a dirt path just after Kamini (Castello) Beach. After about 10 to 15 minutes, you will find yourself looking down on the beach and village of Vlychos. Heading

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