Constantine was born in Kiafa district of Hydra, from pious parents, Michael and Marina and raised in barren and rugged rock of the island. At age eighteen, makes the first big trip of his life; he embarks on Rhodes. A Bratsera with quick, nimble and stable movements in traveling to White sea Dodecanese. Salutes the island, his mother and leaves with amulet on her breasts the Holy Cross and the heart and mind the wish of his mother and the love of Christ. Rhodes has something cousins, which it believes will help him get a job.

In a few days presses the foot of the beautiful island of Rhodes. From his first steps impressed. This place looks nothing like the Hydra. This place is rich. Is all well. It has large forests, from which the Kapoudan – Pasha gets timber for the construction of the ships. It spices, great commercial, tall castles, churches but also mosques, but plousiospita and hovels. Christians, Jews and Muslims. No. of people trading and have set up here their jobs, Jews, Armenians, Africans.

At first, Constantine works in shipyards along with his cousins. But the job this did not progress. He is forced to leave and seek work in the grocery store. The new boss very much liked, and Constantine thanks to the diligence and honesty of at is congenial to everyone. Performs obediently all orders of his boss, and he trusts him so much that several times puts him in his house, the paving table, hosting, behaves just like his children. But Constantine, to reciprocate the honor and hospitality, very willingly do many of the household chores.

At the grocery store Constantine proclaims merchandise and quickly becomes friends with Jews, Turks, Greeks, Armenians. Acquires his first friends. One of them, a Turk of proxenefei sister to wife. This is enough to lose Constantine his job because his boss found the attack and high treason. 

Constantine was again wanders desert narrow streets of big city of Rhodes. From these difficult moments of hunger and poverty in taking a Agarenes friend, who proposed to mediate the Pasha to work Constantine in Sarai. 

One and two, without polykatalavei, Constantine straddle the gate in Sarai, and his mind goes mad from the luxury, comfort and opulence.
Pasha gets from good eye when he learns that originates from Hydra. Assigned to take good care of the most beloved horse, the Estafet.
Again Constantine managed to become popular. The hard work, dedication, kindness, smile, the sweetness of his face, the stature to make him stand out. For everyone has a good reason, and everyone in the Sarai have only praise and good words for him.

Soon Constantine ensure undivided sympathy Pasha, because thanks to Estafet Constantine managed to win the ‘Tziritas’ in shooting competitions, and to give the victory to the Pasha.

In Sarai in the great feast, feast right. Hasan – Pasha leaves no opportunity wasted. Catching up with sweet words Constantine and skillfully manages to convince him to change his faith. Constantine accepts and soon renamed Hassan, while also accepting to do circumcision. Stunned by the victory, the joy and festivities falls into lethargy. But when he wakes up, meets and searches the talisman he had worn his mother. With it the seek and find it in the trash. He understands what went wrong. The remorse tormented. On days wanders thoughtfully, ligomilitos, sullen. Pasha gives him permission to go to see his mother in Hydra.

But there waiting for a big surprise. The news have him catch. Once rests his foot on the port of Hydra, all the disgusting, no one speaks, in wake of the shutters and doors ensured. When he arrives at his family home, his mother did not accept him, did not open the door. Following from this retakes the ferry to Rhodes, and having taken the plunge.

It runs in the forest, Pink, and there meets an old man, to whom he confesses. He narrated his passions and announces his decision to testify. The elder prevents him saying that he is young and will not endure the pains of martyrdom. Urges him to leave, to travel away. Constantine follows the exhortation of elder and travels to distant Sea. There, working, studying religious books and praying. The flame of repentance flares up in his chest, and the idea of martyrdom smoldering in his mind. Comes in Istanbul accepted by Patriarch Gregory E, from which it takes its blessing and a letter of recommendation to visit the Holy Monastery of Iviron Mount Athos. Several months left Mount praying. Talks and interacting with the Fathers of the Abbey the shield and reinforce his decision to testify. Taking the wishes of the Fathers, especially the Virgin blessing Portaitissa traveled to Rhodes decided to confess Jesus, who betrayed before the Pasha.

Dressed in Kalogeriko robe presented before Hassan – Pasha, who at first did not recognize him. He who confesses and asks the Pasha to be baptized, and he and believe in Jesus Christ. Pasha is furious and tries in vain to convert him. Constantine imprisoned liquid dungeons. Pasha the cajoles, promises gifts, better life, amenities, rates, glories. Constantine increasingly opposes and confesses tharreta his God. Pasha fag. The days of Constantine dwindle. In prison secretly accepts the Holy Gifts. It is now ready for martyrdom. Hours of prayer receives a vision where he revealed the will of God and the end of suffering it. In a few days, on November 14 of the year 1800, Constantine decapitated. The land of Rhodes receives lovingly honest body, which miracles and spreads rich grace and blessing to the faithful.

After long Constantine’s mother, comes to Rhodes receives the body of the martyr and buried in the rocks of Hydra.

Our Church honors St. Constantine Hydra every year on November 14th.

The year 2000 celebrated the birthplace of St, Hydra, events, conference and special editions, the two hundred years since the martyrdom of Saint.

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